6 Budgeted Restaurants in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a party paradise for every party animal around the world. People love to enjoy themselves at great events and indulge in world-famous restaurants, which will tickle your taste buds to the next level. Whether you’re trying new cuisines, or enjoying a classic one, food isn’t heap in the party capital of America. But, there are places in this wild destination that serves world-class food without robbing you of all the money.

Here is a list of some of the best and budgeted restaurants in Las Vegas:

  1. El Sombrero

No tour to Las Vegas is complete without visiting this ethnic eatery that will serve you with the best New Mexican cuisine like Chile Colorado, with fiery flavors and neck of the woods taste. You can get great discounts with your travel and food deals that will help you save big bucks on the already reasonable food pricing of this restaurant.

  1. Bar+Bistro

The new Chef Beni Velazquez has turned this space into a hot spot for foodies visiting Las Vegas. His Cuban sandwich is one of the most favorite items that people love to indulge into in this downtown eating scene. You can get main meals for one person for up to $26 and brunches are even cheaper by the Las Vegas standards.

  1. The Steakhouse at Circus Circus

Do you want to eat at a steakhouse in the cheap eats section? If yes, then you’re in luck with this restaurant at Circus Circus. You will get your favorite meat at a relatively bargain prices, which can range from $10 to $15.

  1. Monta

This is a Japanese noodle house that serves 10-item menu and have only 26 seats for their guests. Here you can indulge in roasted pork that melts in your mouth and a lighter Shoyu ramen that is topped with shredded green onions and your favorite meat. There are many more authentic and delicious Japanese noodle dishes that are accompanied by poached eggs, to give you all the flavors. Each dish ranges from $6.5 to $15.

  1. China Mama

If you’re going on a food trek to Chinatown, then it is not complete without a stop at the China mama for some soup dumplings. There are incredible range of many savory items that may seems long and confusing, but with some help you can easily pick the best that fits your tastes the best, at highly reasonable rates. An average meal starts from $10.

  1. Greenland Supermarket Food Court

This is a food court that is themed around an Asian supermarket, which is situated at the far end of Chinatown. From combination of meat, noodles, and vegetables, to differed seafood, you can easily find the best thing that you would love to eat at this food court. You meals can range anything from $7 to $20.

With these amazing restaurants, you can finally eat and travel to Las Vegas with a budget that will save you money and will keep the excitement levels up.