Best Way of Getting Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a revolutionary, digital currency and unlike Euros or Dollars, they are not printed. This kind of currency is produced by people and by computers that are searching for them. Bitcoin are as useful as traditional money, because you can use it for online transactions and today, more and more companies accept Bitcoin as a paying method. But why to use Bitcoin instead of money? Well, Bitcoin is money. And besides a regular currency, it is entirely decentralized. That means that no financial institution whatsoever controls its exchange rate and everything comes naturally. But where to get Bitcoins from?

The market is crowded with places from which you can buy Bitcoin. But our recommendation is to be careful and to work only with the most reliable and favorable company. Normally, most companies provide only exchange based services. In a word, you give money and receive Bitcoin. Even though it sounds simple, it implies some risk factors and it’s not entirely safe. Instead, what you need is a secured loan.

At xCoins, you can get Bitcoin in a simple but yet unique way, with a 100% secured transaction. The process of getting the Bitcoin works the same as at an exchange, you give the money to the lender and receive the Bitcoin. But the advantage comes from the fact that if you find a better exchange rate or just decide that you no longer need it, you can quickly return the Bitcoin and receive your money back. Another advantage comes from the simplicity of the transaction. A lot of Bitcoin exchanges deliberately make you wait several days after you make an order, just to secure their exchange rate. Also, they will not accept returns and the only payment method is bank transfer.

XCoins will give your desired Bitcoin, minutes after you place your order. More than that, you have a wide range of paying methods to choose from. The most common are by debit / credit card but PayPal is also accepted. If you want to get Bitcoin on a regular basis, it’s advisable to haveĀ a Bitcoin credit card, used only for this kind of transactions, just to keep track of the money easily.

Step by step, the process is simple. For example, you request a Bitcoin loan and the platform automatically matches you with a lender in a matter of few minutes. After you make your payment and receive your currency, the whole transaction is considered a LOAN, and not a sale. So, whenever you decide that you want to return the Bitcoin, you just contact the lender and he / she will send you, your money back, minus the fees. Still, no one forces you to return the Bitcoin. If you use it, then your deposited funds will remain at the lender until you decide to repay the loan. Even though you cannot have a Bitcoin credit card, this currency is stored online and can be easily accessed from any device with an internet connection.

So now that you’ve seen the advantages of Bitcoin and of using a lending platform like xCoins, you should go for it and get your first Bitcoin. You will see how easy and practical it is to use Bitcoin instead of a traditional currency, and it will soon become your default payment method.