City of Taza and discovering languages in Morocco


If you are looking for a place to travel this summer, I have some recommendations for you. I am not going to tell you should come to France or United Kingdom, if you are thinking about that, instead I will recommend you an amazing place full of many experiences to live: Morocco. Why Morocco? Well, it offers the best cuisine of the world, kind people, beautiful landscapes and amazing culture. If you do the Tour Morocco your chances of having fun will be bigger.

There is a place which is full of nature beauty in Morocco and it is called Taza. If I have to give you a recommendation, I would definitely tell you to go there. You can find here the Jebel Tazzeka National Park and the Friouato Cave. This is not a well-known city of Morocco but it is perfect for a day trip in your Tour to Morocco.

One of the famous places is the Friouato caves, and people from all over the world come here and enjoy this amazing place. If you are not experienced in going through caves you can pay a small fee and see a few things after descending to a ladder. If on the other hand, you like doing this, I recommend you to go through the whole cave- you will definitely enjoy it!

If you are going to the Friouato cave, I need to tell you that it is not going to be easy. This is not a guide tour, with lights around it, you need to have your own light and some places of the cavern are going to be difficult to get through it-but not impossible- that is why I recommend you to think about going to this place (in case you are not used to walking through caves). It is primitive and humid, so be careful when you are walking. Try to do this excursion in the morning, so you will find a taxi when it ends. Once you end visiting the cave, you can spend the day looking at the cities’ fortification and medieval buildings. You should take a look at the Great Mosque and the Andalus Mosque.


Now that you get in Morocco and you visit amazing places like Taza, there will be times in which you are going to feel speechless –literally- and the fact is that sometimes you may feel lost because you do not know about Arabic and this is the main language of this country. Suddenly, you find yourself struggling, trying to learn Arabic which is good to Moroccan because they feel you are doing an effort in order to learn their language, but let me tell you that you have more options than speaking Arabic and Morocco welcomes languages from all world.

People say that if you speak English, the doors will be always opened for you and this does not change in Morocco. If you speak English you will feel comfortable in museums, hotels and talking with tour guides, because they always seem to understand English and they speak this language very well. Also, if you are in the Medina, people will talk a little English to catch your attention –when they want to sell something- so you will be understood in case you want to buy something. Also, sometimes some restaurants offer you menus in English and in some cases, taxi drivers are going to speak a little English, so this will be good for you.

So, if you have not decided to go to Morocco you need to know that it is a great option for English speakers.