Country Style Curtains – Cider Mill Lined Curtain Valances


Country Porch Home Décor is the best place to find valances, country style curtains and panels. The Cider Mill Lined Curtain Valances is one of the high quality products that are available on our online store. Accentuate your home’s country style look and feel with our country curtains such as the Cider Mill Lined Curtain Valanceslike here.


To ensure the highest quality product, Country Porch Home Décor uses 100 percent cotton in making these country style curtains. Our products are stitched by machine to ensure consistency and quality of finish. These country style curtains are sure to add that country style look and feel to you home as the cotton patchwork, and overall blend of the two patterns is wonderful.

Measurements, Patterns and Color

These valances have a 2 inch header and a 3.35 inch rod pocket. The sides of these valances have a 75 inch hem fold. These valances are 15 inches high and 75 inches wide, capable of fitting perfectly on a regular window in your home. These country style curtains feature a unique design pattern with its checkered stripes which as patched with polka yellow spots. The pattern is beautiful and is sure to accentuate your home décor and add the true country look and feel.

Wash and Dry

Care should be taken when you are washing these valances, to ensure that the quality is maintained. We recommend that you avoid wear and tear, by adhering to these guidelines. Avoid detergents that contain chlorine bleach as this will bleach these country style curtains. Ensure that you wash these valances with like colors and put the gentle cycle setting on and use cold water in your washing machine. Tumble dry low and remove promptly. Ironing is optional.

Pricing and Shipping

With Country Porch Home Décor free shipping policy, the average customer can be able to buy our products from our online store. Our free shipping policy is applicable to customers worldwide. The Cider Mill Lined Valances will set your back only $28.95. These country curtains are flying off the shelf, therefore, ensure that you get them while they are still in stock.

Overall, Country Porch Home Décor is the best place to find country style curtains. Manufactured from 100 percent cotton, the Cider Mill Lined Curtain Valances are the true definition of country style curtains and are sure to add that country look and feel to your home, at the same time complementing your home décor. Take advantage of our free shipping policy and the incredibly competitive prices and order your country style curtains today.