Do You Really Know These World Famous National Cakes?

The astonishing amalgamation of flour, milk, eggs, sugar, butter, spices or flavors are the basic elements to bake a cake. Along with these things many other things are also added depending on the type of cake ordered by your loved ones. Cake is also one of the most experimented sweet dish in this world. People of various countries and cultures have baked various cakes and made us taste some lovely cakes. Let’s know the world’s most famous national cakes.

Black Forest Cake from Germany: A normal chocolate sponge cake with lots of cherries and raspberry juice is touted to be the most famous cake worldwide apart from being the national cake of Germany. Well, the thing is this cake was invented in Germany and that’s why we can call it a national cake of Germany. The German name is Schwarzwalder kirschtorte (well! Never mind to pronounce it though). The authentic way of making a black forest cake has to include cherry brandy as one of its ingredients. You would find a black forest Cakes in Dubai in any cake shop in Dubai and fill the birthday party with fun and excitement.

Tiramisu from Italy: The name has a meaning and it is a cute one. “Pick me up” is the meaning of the word tiramisu and this is exactly that feeling when you see a tiramisu cake in any cake shop online or offline. Made form layers of ladyfingers first dipped in coffee and later layered carefully with mascarpone cheese. If you visit Italy, you must try out the various flavors of tiramisu cake.

Cheesecake from the USA: USA have invented many of our current fanciful cakes like red velvet cake or chocolate brownies but a cheesecake is something that stands for purity and innocence and that’s why it is singled out here. Once the cream cheese was invented in late 1800, this current sensational cheesecake was made. A fine amalgamation of cheese, sugar, and eggs on a crust of crushed cookies, the cake is really a treasure for anyone you love.

Pandan Cake Form Malaysia: It is basically a chiffon cake that is mixed with some green colored juice derived from pandanus palm which is quite frequent in Southeast Asian culinary. Amidst the regular looking white or yellow, or brown colored cake, this green colored one would be something to try for – isn’t it?

Madeleines from France: This is the classic French cake that looks more like a cookie or biscuit. It is actually a small sponge cake with a distinct shell like shape and the reason is it is baked in pans with shell like depressions. Apart from this unique shape of pan, no special requirement is needed.



Ma Lai Go from Hong Kong: Now, here is a type of cake that is a more like a dimsum for its way of preparation in a bamboo basket. And in Hong Kong many people prefer this one to be a breakfast. The main ingredients are flour, eggs, brown sugar, lard and these are fermented for a long time to attain that extra puffiness.

So, if you are a dedicated cakes love then you should try all these cake flavors and types from various countries.