Guides to choose DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller for newborn and toddler

The Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller for newborn and toddler, Dragonfly adds convenience if you wanted to bring two of your child with you for a walk. Its seating has a stadium style so that the child at the back would still be able to see the view without any discomfort. The seats are comfy and are very much capable of holding two children who weighs up to 40 lbs. each. Packing the stroller has also been made easier with this product. This is great for joining in adventures and activities with your children. Reading this review can help you understand why you must consider buying the product.


Wheeling Mechanism – How Easy it is to Move Around

The front wheels are swivel wheels. You also have the option on whether you want to lock it or not for it has a lockable feature. It has a secured lock so you would not need to worry about it moving on its own just because the child seated on it is moving. The lockable front wheels would help you take a break in the middle of your walking. In case the wheel squeak, you should not worry much since you can use light oil in order to make it work better and remove all the squeaking sounds. The wheels would surely give you superior maneuvering that most people with strollers are definitely looking for. Maneuvering is very easy.

Folding System


In terms of folding mechanism, this stroller has a self-standing design of fold. This fold design would help parents like you to fold it easily with the use of just a single hand, which is very much beneficial for you can fold it using one hand while you are carrying your baby on the other hand. Thus, you can do both things at once. It also has a storage latch that would help you in storing it right after you have fold it up for it keeps the stroller folded. The self-standing design keeps it standing on its own. A double stroller standing on its own can definitely save more space in your home for you can leave it anywhere even at the corner of your home.

Storage capacity – How Much Could You Bring Along

A stroller needs a space where you can place your belongings especially the necessities of your child. It is important to have it. Because you never know when your children might need it. This stroller has a basket of extra-large size so you can place everything you need while you are using it. As its size is extra-large, more things would fit into it unlike other that limits the things you can place in the basket. The basket would allow you store and remove the things with ease. It also has a cup holder and tray in case you might get thirsty or hungry while you and your children are on the go. This storage would give additional convenience to you.

Materials for Seat and Padding – How Comfortable it is for Your Children

The stroller’s seat cushion and padding are washable and removable. Thus, in case your child has peed in it or has spilled food or drinks in it, you can wash and remove all the smell easily. However, you should only use cold water delicately and then keep it dry. You should also never bleach it. The material type used in this stroller is of high quality also. That includes Phthalate free, BPA free, Latex free and Lead free materials. So, in case you are worrying about the safeness of the materials used, you no longer need to be. As you noticed, the manufacturers did not use any material that contains Phthalate, BPA, Latex and Lead for it can put your children’s health in danger.

Handle Bar – Will It Exhaust You in the Long Run?


This stroller has a single handle bar. Although it only has one handle bar, it still does its job perfectly. The manufacturers designed he stroller and its parts based on what the users truly needs. Moreover, it looks more simple and neat with just a single handle bar. You can still use either one hand or both of your hands while pushing your children and having a quality time with them. You would find it comfortable pushing them for the handle bar is connected from one end to the other end. You can even push it using only a few fingers and you do not need to worry about hurting your hands since it is fully connected as a whole.

Customer Reviews – From Parents Who bought it Before You

The customers said this is an awesome stroller. They loved all of its features as well. They feel excited and ready for what is waiting ahead of them whenever they are using it. They are happy that they found an easy way of transporting their kids. One drawback about this stroller is that the child sitting at the rear does not have a cup holder.

Conclusion + Special Deal

The product has a lot to offer to you and to your children. This provides great convenience while you are trying to transport your children or spending time with them. This is the perfect solution for parents who have twins or have more than one child. Try this Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect stroller out and enjoy all the fantastic benefits you can get from it. Read more about best jogging stroller