Haven Convention 2017 in Lagos Nigeria by Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who is a Nigerian-born pastor is a well-known person in the whole world. The renowned Christ Embassy Ministry was founded by him. For many years, Pastor Chris has been inspiring a lot of individuals across the world through his great tutorials and sermons. He has many followers globally from different countries who get their life changed and receive healing by attending to his events and as well as listening to his excellent sermons and tutorials. In addition to that, Pastor Chris is a television host, a teacher, a healing minister and an author as well.

The ministry has church branches located in several countries including South Africa whereas its headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria. Through the power of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome carries out his outstanding healing works at the Healing School Ministry. He also has Bible-study guidebooks whereby a lot of their copies are distributed in most of the countries across the world. These copies are sold in many different languages across the world. Additionally, Pastor Chris also owns the worthy-best daily devotional that is the Rhapsody of Realities which is loved by many people globally. Pastor Chris has been organising mega crusades in different parts of the world, as the one was in Zimbabwe a few months ago. He attracts millions and millions of peoples who believe in his sermons. Whenever Pastor Chris visits an individual country, he condemns all forms of immorality and exploitation of the poor the ruling authorities. He propagates on all classes of people to live a righteous life as God wants us to be. In doing this, the highest God will shower His blessings to his people who are doing according to his will.

Chris Oyakhilome has a great team of assistants who help him in spreading the gospel and visiting the unfortunate individuals in the society where the pastor is unable to attend because of his tight schedule. Lately, he partnered with Pastor Benny Hinn of the Benny Hinn ministry who is a close friend to pastor Chris of Christ Embassy ministry to launch a new TV station; both pastors expressed their joy for this achievement. The TV channel will be broadcasting from the USA and the signals to reach many other parts of the world. This new channel is the fourth one, where the rest broadcasts from Africa and the programs reach various regions globally. During an interview pastor, Chris stated that the media had enabled him to reach many people even to places he has never landed. Through the TV programs, many people have been healed, inspired, and turned their lives to Jesus.

This year Haven Convention will be addressed by the man of God Pastor Chris who is the father founder of Christ Embassy ministry. The function will be in Nigeria which is the motherland of the man of God. The main agenda of the conference will be; worship, salvation, and praises. It is the will of Pastor Chris to see many people abandon their sinful life and turn to Jesus to wash away their sins. The man of God will use the platform to insist on living a righteous life.

Media broadcasting helps to spread the word of God to many people within a short period. It helps the pastor to share his sermon to a big crowd worldwide than having a physical crusade. Through media, information spreads to every corner of the world within minutes. Technology has made the world a global village, where a citizen from Zimbabwe can follow Pastor Chris sermons in the USA by just switching on his/her TV. In the new channel, the programmers will be hosting different people from various parts of the world and share their testimonies with the viewers. This encourages the believers who may be passing through the similar problems, but by listening and following Chris Oyakhilome sermon’s their life has changed to better.