how many weeks are in a year

how many weeks in a year

How Many Weeks in a Year

One day nearly everybody wonders what percentage weeks there area unit in a very year. the solution looks to be obvious as a result of it’s elementary arithmetic. you’ll be able to count them by dividing three hundred and sixty five days per annum by seven days per week. this manner we’ll get 52 weeks and sooner or later. If it’s one among the leap years1 with three hundred and sixty six days, it’s fifty {two} weeks and two additional days. In alternative words, one will say that a daily year contains 52 1/7 weeks and a intercalary year consists of 52 2/7 weeks.

53 Weeks in a Year?

These additional days (one or two) create an additional week although it’s incomplete. It implies that on the calendar all the times in a very year area unit organized in fifty three weeks, and one or 2 of them have but seven days.

What is a lot of, in rare cases the calendar will get even 54 weeks. this case happens in each twenty eight years once the first of Gregorian calendar month and also the thirty first of Dec kind separate weeks. Of course, it should be a intercalary year.

For example, the year of 2000 had 54 weeks. Its initial week consisted of only 1 day that was Sabbatum, the first of Gregorian calendar month. and also the last week of 2000 enclosed only 1 day too. it absolutely was Sunday, the thirty first of Dec.

From the purpose of read of arithmetic, there area unit fifty two 1/7 (or 2/7) weeks in a very year. It suggests that 52 full weeks. however on the calendar there’ll be fifty three or 54 separate weeks although one or 2 of them are going to be incomplete. therefore the answer to the question concerning the amount of weeks in a very year depends on what you favor to decision per week.

If you mean seven days from Sunday until Sabbatum, then no year can have quite 52 weeks. however if per week for you may be a separate line or column within the calendar, then there could also be up to 54 weeks in a very year.

The question HOW MANY WEEKS IN A YEAR? is asked by many people? Well, the answer is there are 52 weeks in a year.