Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe 0.08 Cubic Feet Review

There are a lot of people who seems to be in problem!!

When they need to choose the gun safe then they ask different questions like what is the best gun safe

So here I am going to answer their question.

Sentry quick access electronic gun safe has garnered a lot of attention due to a plethora of reasons. Only some of the electronic safes come with dual features such as security and accountability.


The sentry safe Quick Access safe 0.08 cubic feet is a large quality safe for you to store your gun safely. It consists of an electronic lock with a back light. This makes it easier for your gun to get into the safe

quickly. The cost of this safe is affordable.

It’s extremely tough to break such a safe as it has high technology installed. Thus, this technology protects your gun from being stolen by a thief. If you are not able to find the key, you can make use of the override key. This key is smaller and it weighs just about one pound. Thus, you can see that this safe is useful for small guns. There is a compression gas that makes no noise when the keys are entered and if anyone is trying to open the lock. Thus, it will be easier for the user to open the lock without any fuss and disturbance.

Positive Aspects:

The special aspect about this gun safe is that the kids can’t unlock it, so they would not have direct access to gun. Without a gun safe, it’s highly likely for a kid to injure self or someone else while playing with it. It will be difficult for kids to open the lock. Above all, even thieves will have hard time stealing your gun because unlocking its lock is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, you should prefer using sentry safe Quick Access safe.

It can be simply kept in a car, as it only uses batteries to keep it charged. It is important for you to keep the batteries fresh, as it makes the safe far more convenient to use. Consumers have revealed that this is a very stable built-in safe, and they are happy to rely upon it when it comes to safety of their gun. Also, those who use it need to bear in mind that there is one button that must be pushed to activate the safe before the entry code is entered.

You need to have access of reliable and quick firearms. Sentry gunsafe is having a compression gas strut, which makes it easier for the user to handle the gun. By the use of gun, you can defend yourself in case of untoward circumstance

Product Features:

  • Pry-resistant solid steel construction which benefits you to guard against unauthorized access to firearms
  • Backlit electronic lock with nil feedback that allows for quick entry
  • Override key for suitable backup access
  • Compression gas strut opens the door mutely and keeps it open for single-handed access even in small places.
  • At-the-ready gun presentation for suitable access to your firearm
  • It has volume of about 0.08 cu. ft.
  • It has weight of about 12.2 lbs.
  • It has a warranty of 1 year.