The PTC websites Scandal

The Piedmont Technical College – PTC, has recently come under the fire for what PTC, has been widely reported the big scandal of a test-taking at the Abbeville campus. According to Dr. Ray Brooks, the President of Piedmont Technical College, the fraudulent test takers did not receive any of the financial aid money, reportedly.

According to Dr. Brooks, there were about maximum 100 students were eligible for the program out of about 8,000 students total that populated from the various campuses of the college. The school identified about thirty students who did not get qualify for aid based on their score on the test, re-took the test and had dramatic and weird gains in their test score the 2nd time around. The school then called those students and asked them that they have to visit the Greenwood campus to take the test a 3rd  time. Out of those 30 students, only 1 or 2 qualified for the aid program.

The school then arranged an internal round of investigation after that they realized, that there must have been some kind of scamming involving, who was actually taking the tests at that time. They find out that a part-time worker had not been following or conducting the proper test procedures and allowing at least 1 person at that time to take tests on behalf of someone else. They at that time terminated the worker immediately and alter that system and changed their testing criteria to provide more checks and balances.

“We’re not going to tolerate any fraud or abuse,” Dr. Brooks said —“I am a graduate of a two-year college and I am very passionate about what two-year colleges can provide.  We did a thorough investigation and contacted the proper authorities because we felt like this could be happening at other places also.” —  Dr. Brooks words.

A deen has admitted that he took tests for different other people and was paid for doing that so. Since the scamming system involved federal grant money and all that, the Secret investigation Service began an investigation into the consideration.

“We make every effort to meet people where they are if they show up here and say they want to go to school,” Dr. Brooks said. “The Pell program is a great program that allows people an opportunity to go to school and we will do everything we can to protect the integrity of it.” —- Dr. Brooks words.

PTC scandle is the same scamming case of farud like others such as, Tai Lopez, sterling steel, Cordish cos and they should definetly get punished for this act.