Tips For Designing A Good Leaflet

Image result for folded leafletAre you going to design your own leaflet? If so, there are guidelines to keep in mind, regardless of what the leaflets are for at Tower Press. Here are the guidelines you should take into consideration for designing your own leaflet.

1. Headlines And CTAs

Your headline and call to action (CTA) need to be strong and they need to grab people’s attention, so keep the headline or title short and catchy. Ideally, your title should be five words and focused on describing the main benefit of what you’re offering. The title is where you have the chance to grab and keep people’s attention.

The best thing to do is to keep your title short and sweet. The same goes for your call to action. Your readers need to know what you want them to do, so keep your CTA short and sweet.

2. Colors

Your leaflet needs to stand out, but in a good way, which is why many amateurs make the mistake of using too many colours. Keep things simple with black and white, as well as a colour such as green, orange or blue. If your company uses more than three colours, then think about what you want to use, but be prepared to leave one colour out. If you don’t use a colour scheme, then keep things as simple as possible.

3. Readability

Most leaflet designs contain some sort of text, but the biggest mistake one can make is using too much of it. Sure, it’s tempting to use as much text as possible, but people will be confused. You want to keep the content in the leaflet short and sweet because the chances are people will visit your site or call you if you grab their attention.

4. Use Images

A plain leaflet is boring, which is why people tend to use images in their design but choose one large image that is of high quality instead of using numerous smaller photos. Sure, using small pictures may show products off more effectively, but a single large image is what usually grabs the attention of people. You want to hook potential clients and the best way to do this is by using a flattering, single large photo.

5. Incorporate Your Logo

Most companies have a logo, and if you have a logo, then you’ll want to place it in your leaflet. However, if you’re not very well-known, then keep your logo small because you want to use images and text more than anything. If you’re not that known, then people won’t care about your logo, so you will be wasting space.

When you become more well-known, then you can start making your logo bigger on leaflets. Think about it, only the biggest brands and companies use only their logo in their advertisements and this is because people already know who they are. You’re probably not that known, yet, which is why you should use images and text.

Designing a leaflet doesn’t have to be difficult, and the key is to figure out what your market is before you release a leaflet to the public. You want to design a leaflet that targets your audience, which is why you want to make the info in the leaflet easy to understand and attractive. Think of a leaflet as a short intro to a book instead of the actual book itself. Intros can grab people’s attention, make a great impression and then the conversation can continue from there.

That is how you design a good leaflet. As previously mentioned, designing a leaflet doesn’t have to be difficult, but the above tips should be kept in mind. If you implement those tips the next time you design a leaflet, then you should get results with it, which means you will grab people’s attention and they will contact you so they can find out more.