Ultimate Guide to Things to do in Manila, Philippines

Manila is the capital district of the Philippines and is one of the oldest cities founded in fifteen twenty-one and has many Manila attractions to witness. Manila is ceremoniously called the City of Manila and has been legally named as a global city by Globalization and World Cities Research Network in twenty twelve. Historically and culturally, Manila is diverse and holds onto the customs instilled from historic reigning by the Spanish, American, Chinese and Arabic rulers.

Manila sits on the eastern shore of Manila Bay which is the most beautiful and supreme harbors throughout the entire country. The city is approximately eight hundred miles from mainland Asia and is home to over one and a half million people within sixteen and a half square miles of space.

The Pasig River runs directly through Manila, and almost the entire city is situated on top of loose, unsolidified prehistoric sediment. Manila has many tourist attractions and being in the heart of the tropics only provides more times of the year to visit. Being almost directly on the equator the temperature variation rarely dips below sixty-eight degrees and hardly ever sees over one hundred degrees.

Manila Attractions and Things to do in Manila

Rizal Monument

The Rizal Monument is home to the remains of the Filipino nationalist, José Rizal, and is guarded twenty-four seven by the Philippine Marine Corp in full ceremonial dress and is one of the best Manila attractions to see. The monument is dedicated by the Philippine people in memory of the execution of José Rizal’s execution on December thirtieth eighteen ninety-six.


Intramuros is a walled city from the Spanish Colonial reign and is the oldest and one of the most historic tourist attractions in all of Manila. The original city of Intramuros was located on the shore of Manila Bay, but during current times, acreage recoveries have concealed the walled city from the Pasig River.

The entire city holds over one hundred and sixty acres of land with stones that are eight feet thick and as high as twenty-two feet. The wall curves and contours to the Pasig River and the mouth of Manila Bay and has eight drawbridge gates in which to pass through to the center of the city. Each draw bridge was once closed overnight, but after the earthquake in eighteen fifty-two, the gates are open at all times.

The World’s Oldest Chinatown

If you desire a culinary experience that only a Chinatown can offer, then visit one of the best tourist attractions in Manila, which happens to be the very first Chinatown’s in the world. During the Spanish rule, all of the Chinese were moved to this location, hence the very first Chinatown.

Most of the signs are in both English and Chinese, and there are numerous restaurants, technology stores and even Buddhist Monasteries to be had. If you are into martial arts, then visit the infamous Lau Family Hung Kuen Association, and be overjoyed partaking in one of the best cultural things to do in Manila.

If you ever visit Manila and want to see all of the Manila attractions, you will be hard pressed to not find hundreds of things to do in Manila. Most of Manila will deliver all of the desired tourist attractions while staying true to the cities cultures and heritages of days gone by.