Ways Of Preventing Home Burglary

Illegal entry into buildings with the intension of committing a crime is a crime that is very common. There are people who are professional burglars that illegally break into people’s houses in order to steal their possessions. Burglary activities have been a threat to people around the world. However, this article is tailored towards exposing our readers to the ways of preventing burglary in residential properties. Some of the ways of preventing home burglary are outlined below.

Get an indoor dog :
One of the way of preventing Burglars from entering into your home is by having a dog as a family pet. Dogs are generally unpredictable and they don’t like seeing intruders inside their territory, in view of this they tend to bark seriously at or sometimes bite anybody who attempts to break into the owners house. The barking of dogs most times draw the attention of the owners.

Use strategic landscaping in your house:
Home owners are advised to always use strategic landscape for their business in order to prevent burglary. They can have thorny bushes around the window, frequent trimming of the bush around the houses, keep the environment lit at night etc. These landscaping style will always deter criminals from breaking into your home. Also the use of gravel and loose stones around the environment can also put home owners or dogs at alert when an intruder is approaching.

Always be discreet:
It is important that people always keep their information discreet, especially when they are not in town. They should stop programming on the answering machine that they are not in town. It has been said that sometimes, potential burglary randomly call home owners to ascertain if their are at home, this will enable then to know the right time to carry out their burglary operations.

Always Lock Your Door And windows:
Research has shown that over 23% of burglary cases in homes are carried out through windows. In view of this , it is important for home owners to always keep their windows and doors lock. This will help to limit the extent to which a burglar can enter your home. Also wireless alarm kit can be installed on the door or windows, this will immediately alert the people around when someone tries to forcefully enter your home.

Hide valuables:
Another important way of preventing burglary is by hiding valuables away from walk ways where people can easily see them. Things like expensive jewellery, sound systems and television should be well kept. Also curtains should always be drawn so that people outside your homes can not see what is inside your house while you are away.

Don’t use glass doors:
It is usually advisable that home owners should avoid the use of glass door, even if they must use a glass door, they must make sure that the glass alarm system is not visible to people.

Hire a residential locksmith:
When you want the ultimate home security you should hire a residential locksmith. A residential locksmith will come to your home and evaluate your property. They will cover all of the tips listed above and be able to provide you with a process map to fully secure your property.

Always apply these tips in your everyday life and make it part of your daily routine to ensure that your home is always secure. – Remember a house is never a home unless it is well secured.