Weighted Vest For Autism- What You Need To Know?

Autism is definedas a social communication disorder. It is diagnosed in a person who has social difficulties, communication difficulties and has repetitive behavior.Such people particularly children are unable to gain focus on attention for doing any kind of regular routine work and they may even be unable to feels the normal senses of the body and motor abilities of the body.

So for such kind of autistic people particularly children it is often believed by many people that weights can help them cope better with lots of problems like poor motor skills, hyperactivity and sleeplessness. According to them this introduced pressure can process sensory information in autistic child which not only calms them but also allows them to feel their movements in a better way by making them sense and feel where their bodies are in the air/space.

Weighted items can be bought from specialist suppliers, bought second hand or made at home. They can either be lighter or heavier as per suggestion and recommendation of the therapist. They are made heavier by adding small weights, which can either be stitched into the fabric or put into specially designed pockets.

Some of the Best Weighted Vests are available in the form of jackets for giving a hug effect to the child. These weighted vests can create a soothing sensory hug and can have a calming effect by providing sensory feedback to help some children focus. There are some children with autism who present with crave for pressure or a deep liking for hugs and squeezes. Weighted vest can basically help the children with autism in the following ways which are as follows:

  • Calming down the children with autism and helps them in gaining focus on the things
  • By making them feel secure
  • By making them feel their bodies
  • By increasing their response toward the movements of their bodies
  • Increasing focus as well as the concentration of the children
  • Adds up to the therapy sessions
  • Controls or may even reduces hyperactivity to certain levels

Science however doesn’t believes these facts more often because they have not yet been proved scientifically however they have been supported by a little bit of scientific evidences.Basically these weighted vests target the problems such as sensory integration dysfunction.

They also target the problems like concentration with little or no hearing or speaking skills in some individuals. However no any of the studies has founded to prove effect of pressure on the behavior of the autistic children.

Basically the weighted vests do work by applying pressure on the bodies of the autistic children thus providing a controlled sensory stimulation. This makes the child feel his body and may start responding according to the applied pressure.

Problems such as inattentiveness, hyperactivity, stereotypic behaviors and clumsiness are effectively targeted and reduced by the use of weighted vests. This is the main purpose behind the use of weighted vests for autistic children, so that they may start feeling and involving themselves in the regular daily basis activities of theroutine.