Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

No, I am not discussing the Television Game series either! Although, if you believe how hot that series has been, then the making of the video games, it could serve as proof that most individuals wish to be Millionaires…


Proof would be the lottery method. The chances of winning the lottery are basically, “once in a lifetime,” yet millions of people play every week, trusting that they pick the lucky numbers. The irony? These very same people whine and criticize about the wealthy? “You can not have everything you speak against.”


We have all heard the tales. 3-5 years later these very same men and women go bankrupt. Many times we feel that being a Millionaire is about money. However, there is much more about it. There is.


“You should first think like a Millionaire.” This was one of those quotes that stood out to me when I started getting more involved in the self-development market. When you believe those winners in the lottery who couldn’t keep the wealth that they won, it was a sign that there is lots of truth to this announcement.

How do Millionaires act? How do they believe? What do they enjoy to perform? So many questions started to run through my mind because I do want to be a Millionaire. I believe one of the reasons that this has been a fantasy of mine is because money provides for you in life. Not only can you live your own life without constraints to its fullest, think about all of the good that you can do for others.

There have been many times when our church has been raising money, whether for a missions trip or charitable causes which were dear and near to our heart, where we only wanted to give them the money required in an anonymous source. Or, what if a family member friend is sick and needs an operation they don’t have insurance and can not afford, their requirement can be met. There is so much good that could be carried out with an abundance of riches. This makes you think about Warren Buffet if he gave $37 billion of his fortune. What a boon….


Who wants to be a Millionaire? Are you prepared to become the person essential to handle? Darren Hardy from Success Magazine stated, “You can just make and maintain the degree of wealth that matches your development. Thus if you want to have more (wealth), then you have to become more (invaluable).”


We all have been given gifts and talents. Should tap into our real potential, and we choose to sharpen our skills, the prospect of getting a Millionaire, especially in our day and age, is in our favor. In case you’ve got the discipline and the willingness to make it happen, then what is stopping you?